How to Stop Gambling

You may want to stop gambling altogether. It is important to realize that most people do not win at gambling. The odds are stacked against the gambler. It is important to expect to lose money, and to budget for it as an expense. Gambling is generally considered a form of chance-based gambling, such as playing the lottery or bingo. Other examples of gambling include playing slots, video poker, and roulette. To help you quit gambling, here are some tips:

First, strengthen your support system. Ensure that your family and friends are aware of your gambling problem. Enroll in classes about problem gambling, volunteer for a cause, or join a support group. For help overcoming a gambling problem, contact a gambling addiction helpline. It is recommended that you join a Gamblers Anonymous peer support group. This group is a 12-step program modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous. To join, you must have a sponsor, a former gambler, who can give you advice and support.

If you are experiencing feelings of depression or suicidal ideation, you should immediately seek help. Gambling can make you feel better or distract you from a difficult situation. Often, people who are suffering from mental health issues are more prone to developing gambling problems. These people may be trying to distract themselves or feel better about themselves by using gambling to make ends meet. Another common cause for gambling addiction is a financial crisis. Debt counselling is available for people with problems with gambling.

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