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International Committée on Nuclear Justice was formed on the 7th of December 2011 by the attendees of the international conference of environmental NGOs and scientists in Vilnius, holding three day seminars in the houses of Lithuanian Parliament and Vilnius Municipality. The original 24 committee members were doubled after the Independent WHO Conference in Geneve 12-13th of May 2012, now collecting a full scope of globaly acknowledged scientists fr Japan, UK, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Ukrain, Sweden, USA etc and environmental NGO leaders from France, Germany, Sweden, Finland…

Chairman, ICNJ:                        Pr Georgij Lepin, Belarus

Vice Chairman, ICNJ:               Nikolai Ulasevich, Belarus

Scientific Secretary:                 Pr Christopher Busby, UK   


The current steering committee of the ICNJ is:

Chair:  Georgy Lepin, Belarus

Vice Chair: Nikolai Ulasevich, Belarus

Scientific Secretary: Christopher Busby, UK

General Secretary: Ditta Rietuma, Sweden

Committee Member: Roland von Malmborg, Sweden

Committee Member: Richard Bramhall, UK


ICNJ works to:

(a)    Provide scientific, technical and expert support for members of the public and non-governmental organisations interested in the health effects of ionising and non-ionising radiation

(b)   Advance for the public benefit the science of radiation risk

(c)    Create a system of independent competence in all areas of expertise relating to the development of nuclear technologies, environmental radiological contamination, radiation contamination and effects from these processes on human health and ecological safety

(d)   Devise strategies to employ international and national legal frameworks to address any necessary outcomes of research which shows harm resulting from nuclear technologies, environmental radiological contamination and effects on human health and ecological safety

(e)    Provide independent educational material to society in all the above areas