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ECRR-model vs. ICRP

The existentiality of the lawfuly acceptable amount of radionuclides in the environment is the core question for all life on Earth. This question is scientifically formulated as the intelectual battle between two scientific models on the risk of the radioactivity, the acceptable levels of radionuclides in the enviroment. The presently by the governments used ICRP-model, by the experts of this website is found guilty to be the cause of ongoing genetical annihilation of all life forms as it underestimates the risks thousands of times. The ECRR-model is suggested to be used.

ECRR-model     www.euradcom.org

Recommendations of the ECRR   http://www.euradcom.org/2011/ecrr2010.pdf

ICRP-model       www.icrp.org

Analyses of the ICRP model    http://irpa11.irpa.net/pdfs/3a35.pdf

Enjoy the scientific batttle of both directors of the two Radiation Risk models – J. Valentin and C. Busby, 22.03.2009, Stockholm

The recently resigned Scientific Secretary of the ICRP, Dr Jack Valentin , concedes to Pr. Chris Busby (ECRR) that the ICRP model can not be used to predict the health effects of exposures and that for certain internal exposures it is insecure by up to two orders of magnitude.

He also says that as he was no longer employed by ICRP he could agree that the ICRP and the United Nations committee on radiation protection (UNSCEAR) had been wrong in not examining the evidence from the Chernobyl accident and other evidence which shows large errors in the ICRP risk model.